Was this partially written by ChatGPT? It is very clear the entire thing wasn't written by it (at least not without significant modifications), but a lot of specific wording sounds exactly like ChatGPT whenever I try to make it write anything about transhumanism or AI. A good example is the first two paragraphs of "We Need a New Paradigm". ChatGPT has a certain bias in its viewpoints and how it likes to convey them (which drives me nuts whenever I try to write something, e.g, fiction, with a different viewpoint) – one I can might describe as it trying to sound balanced, neutral, and unlikely to offend, and seeming to lean pro-regulation (at least from my viewpoint that usually leans as libertarian as remotely practical) – and those two paragraphs, among other parts of the text, definitely capture quite well what I get whenever I try to have it write anything about transhumanism, AI, and similar new technologies. It is possible they are similar for some other reason, but given the pro-innovation focus of this newsletter and AI art in it, it seems likely you would also use ChatGPT to help write it too.

I recall reading in at least 2 or 3 different articles and newsletters, about how AI autocomplete tools could end up subtly manipulating what people say and therefore think, pushing them in a certain directions by making some things easier to say than others. A lot of the text here reads like when I try to have ChatGPT write something from a pro-technology viewpoint, and do not succeed without a very large amount of editing because its bias differs too much from mine. I really look forward to when it is easier to train a personal GPT model that reflects one's own bias instead of that of an entity like OpenAI.

In case anyone is wondering (my writing style can be similar to ChatGPT in some ways and I do edit my writing with AI sometimes), this comment itself has not beed edited by AI at this point in time.

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