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First of all welcome! This is The Placeholdr a small corner of the internet where we gather to talk about different topics, with a clear focus on AI, economics, technology, scientific advances and other cool stuff. Trying to intersect most of these in each article while at the same time having some fun.

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So far the Placeholdr Team is comprised (so far) by me Leonardo Nunes, Economist and Entrepreneur, Ive always had a deep passion for learning new things and starting various projects. I founded and ran for over 5 years a Biotech Startup developing a solution for Lactose intolerance. After that for 2 years I was the founder and chief researcher at a Think Tank focused on the 4th industrial revolution in Latin America.

So I’ve always tried to keep myself learning and aware of the technological and scientific advances but also its repercussions in the economy and our society, as well as having an understanding of the different stakeholders involved in the disruptions we have seen and we will be seeing in the coming years.

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A collection of thought and ideas about economics, technology, science, and the future of humanity.


Leonardo Nunes

I am Leonardo Nunes Ricucci, an economist, data scientist, and writer with expertise in AI, Biotech, and the fourth industrial revolution. write every week about Economics, AI, and the future of Humanity.